As a new year rolls around, it’s a great time to strengthen your resolve to achieve a healthy body weight.

At Revival Health Clinic in Houston, Texas, Amneh Amro, PA-C, offers medically supervised weight-loss programs to help you shed extra weight safely and effectively, so you can finally reach your goals. You don’t even have to travel away from home to access the insight and knowledge Amneh offers to support your health.

Why losing weight is so tough

There are so many factors that that can influence your weight and make it more difficult for you to drop the excess pounds. Your genetic history, your medical history, and your habits all play into your weight.

As you get older, your body also starts to store fat differently. You may be prone to fat deposits around your middle that are difficult to lose with diet changes and exercise. It may also seem that you gain weight, even if you don’t change how you live or eat.

Many people feel overwhelmed by all the diet and fitness information available today. Not only is it difficult to differentiate the facts from the fads, but it’s also tough to find a weight-loss strategy that works best for you without knowledgeable medical help.

Expectations for a medical weight-loss program

A medical weight-loss program supervised by an experienced professional like Amneh gives you many advantages for achieving a healthy body weight.

Amneh takes the many factors that influence your weight into consideration to design an optimal weight-loss plan for you. She begins with a comprehensive health evaluation that includes a physical exam, blood work, and a review of your family and personal medical history.

Testing can reveal underlying medical issues, like hormone imbalances, diabetes, and high cholesterol, that make it difficult for you to lose weight.

You can also expect to spend quality time discussing the environmental factors that contribute to your weight, such as your lifestyle, your sleep habits, your emotional needs, and your relationships. This conversation gives Amneh insight into how best to help you meet your weight-loss goals.

Getting customized help to support healthy weight loss

Following your initial consultation via the online telemedicine platform, Amneh outlines the plan she creates for weight loss. She discusses how to change your diet and follow a personalized diet plan to ensure you’re getting high-quality nutrition and limiting empty calories.

Your plan may also include an exercise program that you should do daily. Amneh offers insight into behaviors you can change to help you stay on track with your goals.

In some cases, she may prescribe weight-loss medications. You may also need medications and other treatments to address underlying health issues that make weight loss difficult

Through regular telemedicine appointments, Amneh holds you accountable for your progress with your weight-loss plan. She can also help you set new goals as you move through your program to optimize your results. You can meet with her from the comfort of your own home, your hotel, or wherever you are, so you don’t have to worry about travel expenses, parking, or other inconveniences.

To schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits of a medically supervised weight loss program, call Revival Health Clinic today or book a consultation online.

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