Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood disorder that you can carry into your adult life. In fact, 8.1% of American adults live with ADHD symptoms for their whole lives.

At Revival Health Clinic in Houston, Texas, mental health specialist Amneh Amro, PA-C, offers treatment options to help you manage disruptive symptoms of ADHD. Amneh customizes a treatment plan based on your needs that focuses on your long-term mental health and quality of life.

Understanding adult ADHD

Adult ADHD is a mental health disorder that makes it difficult for you to pay attention and concentrate on tasks. ADHD also causes periods of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors that are difficult, if not impossible, to control.

This condition is often the result of a combination of factors, including your genetics, your environment, and dysfunction in your central nervous system during vital developmental stages.

Typically, adults who were diagnosed with ADHD in childhood will have fewer symptoms as they get older. However, ADHD symptoms can still interfere with your ability to stay on task and meet your personal responsibilities.

You may experience symptoms like:

  • Disorganization
  • Frequent restlessness
  • Poor planning abilities
  • Difficulties multitasking
  • Lack of time management skills

ADHD can also cause mood swings, quick temper, and impatience. Many people with adult ADHD also have difficulties coping with stress.

Seeking treatment for ADHD

Diagnosing ADHD in adulthood can be more difficult than diagnosing the condition in children. However, Amneh offers diagnostic screenings through a convenient telemedicine platform. She can determine if your symptoms relate to ADHD or another condition.

You should seek a diagnostic evaluation for adult ADHD if you have any related symptoms that are persistent or severe enough to interfere with your relationships or your ability to work. You should also schedule a consultation if ADHD symptoms negatively impact your mental health.

In addition to creating treatment plans for a new adult ADHD diagnosis, Amneh also provides comprehensive care to those with an existing diagnosis. She creates treatment plans to manage your symptoms, so you can enjoy a high quality of life.

Treatment options for adult ADHD

Your care plan for adult ADHD will typically include a combination of treatments to keep your symptoms under control, such as:


Medications can rebalance neurotransmitters in your brain to provide long-lasting relief of symptoms. You may benefit from prescription stimulants or antidepressants to address attention difficulties and hyperactivity.

Amneh works closely with you to find the right medication dosages. You can expect to meet with her through the telehealth platform regularly to ensure medications are working well.

Psychological counseling

Cognitive behavioral therapy provides you with tools that help you better cope with ADHD symptoms. Amneh can refer you to a professional therapist who can help you improve your time management and organization skills.

Therapy can also help you enhance your relationships, boost your self-esteem, and provide you with strategies for coping with the impact ADHD has on your life.

If ADHD is negatively influencing your mental health and triggering episodes of depression or anxiety, Amneh can work with you on strategies to manage your condition.

To schedule an ADHD telehealth consultation, call Revival Health Clinic or book a consultation online today.

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